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Midlife Harmony

Empowering women to embrace and revitalise their minds and bodies during menopause.

Guiding You Through

Menopause: helping 

empower you to embrace

and thrive through midlife

changes to your mind and body


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When I went through perimenopause, I was confused and overwhelmed. For something that half the world’s population will go through, there is surprisingly little support out there for those of us in the thick of it. 


I didn’t find what I was looking for, so I created my own systems around exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle that brought me relief from menopausal symptoms as well as a sense of empowerment and control over a challenging time.


After my personal success, I became certified in nutrition and wellness coaching with a specialisation in menopause. I’m here to help other women embrace midlife and find bespoke protocols that work for them because menopause is a unique and varied experience.


As a certified Level 4 Nutrition Coach and Certified Wellness Coach (speciality in menopause),

I have training and experience specially tuned to women’s bodies and the midlife changes that we go through.

When we work together, I’ll take a deep dive into your unique journey and needs. Then, we’ll design a bespoke plan that’s complete with support and guidance to set you on the right track and revitalise your life. 


I offer a completely tailored experience, so whether you’re interested in a relaxing retreat or 1:1 mentorship, please book a free call to find out what might be the best fit for you.

Hey, I'm Jo

Close up of Jo, Menopause Support Mentor smiling wearing a purple top

Hear it from the women I've helped

Thank you so much for such a lovely evening, you have so many fabulous products, my skin is glowing after all the wonderful treatments.

Karen Holmen

Thank you for being so supportive, you have been amazing.

Claire Lethbrid

Hi Jo, just to say a big thank you for the run tonight. And a big thank you for all the information about menopause, you are a star xxx

Kim Lethbridge

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