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Midlife Harmony

Empowering women to embrace and revitalise their minds and bodies during menopause.

1:1 Mentoring designed to create unique and specialised systems that support your health and wellness through menopause, leaving you feeling empowered.

Personalised Mentoring

Why mentoring is helpful

For women, there’s no way of getting around menopause. We’ll all go through it at some point, but there is still so little information and so few resources to prepare us for the physical and mental changes that come with it. As a certified nutrition and wellness coach specialising in menopause, I use my training and personal experience to create a bespoke nutrition and wellness plan that will make the menopause journey easier for you.

In Depth 3 Month Plan £650

Even though we all go through menopause, it’s a unique journey for everyone!

With my in Depth 3 month 1:1 Mentoring Package, we’ll dive deeply into your individual concerns
and issues and create a bespoke plan for you.

This package includes:


60-90-minute in-depth consultation

In our first session, we will examine your symptoms, health history, and lifestyle. We’ll talk through each body system to get a full and precise picture of you holistically, including your eating and exercise habits with zero judgment. 

Bespoke Plan

You’ll receive an individualised protocol designed to target your root health concerns. This includes movement, nutrition recommendations, meal guides, shopping lists, resources, and lifestyle adjustments that include a sleep protocol and detoxification. Your plan will be so detailed that it takes the thinking out of your next steps…you’ll save time on meal and shop planning because it’s all figured out for you!

Access To Me Between Calls

Using WhatsApp, I am available for encouragement, motivation, and questions…so you’ll never feel alone!

60-Minute Follow-Up Call

This is our chance to ensure that your plan is working just right for you at your half way point.  We’ll review your progress and address any concerns or tweaks that need attention. 

3 Month Final call.

This 30-minute call is to check in on how you are doing. What are your next steps and do you need more help and guidance?


When you purchase a Personalised Plan, you’ll also get discounts on some recommended supplements and a range of plant-based, organic skincare to assist in your transformation.  You also qualify for Midlife Harmony Retreat discounts. 

The free 20-minute introductory call gives you a chance to tell me about yourself and your health as well as ask me any questions that have been on your mind. Then, I’ll give you more information about how I can help you and what the process will look like.

20 Minute Call

Client Success


I am back into my size 12 jeans and my energy and confidence has grown. I can't thank you enough Jo.

Sammy Osborne

Thank you, my skin looks and feels amazing, it is so smooth. Waking up this morning my skin is definitely feeling the treatments, so soft and deeply moisturised."

Amy Butcher

5lbs down and a non sclae victory getting into a dress I didn't think would fit, so very pleased with that.

Paula Frost

If you have any questions or just want to chat through the different programs, then please book a FREE consultation below.

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